5 Multimedia Designer Job Titles

Junior Designers are usually employed straight from college and will generally be considered ‘junior’ for up to two years. Junior Designers will lay out pages, draw logos, redraw logos, do text corrections and generally all the stuff that the middleweight and senior designers don’t want to do.(http://www.designtalkboard.com/design-articles/graphic-designers.php#web)

Middleweight Designers

Middleweight Designers should usually already have some kind of professional portfolio. They will probably have mainly worked on parts of larger campaigns and a few smaller projects of their own. They will be able to take design briefs and implement them, but will still generally be overseen creatively by a Senior Designer or Art Director.(http://www.designtalkboard.com/design-articles/graphic-designers.php#web)

Senior Designers

It gets complicated here. Most Junior Designers don’t mind being junior for a while. But many Middleweight Designers can’t wait to become Senior Designers or Art Directors. There are graphic designers with two years professional experience, who have ‘Senior Designer’ or even ‘Art Director’ on their business cards.(http://www.designtalkboard.com/design-articles/graphic-designers.php#web)

Art Directors

Although, it is also true that an Art Director in a graphic design agency, fulfills a very different role to that of one in an above the line advertising agency, which deals predominantly with television advertising.The Art Directors role is to brainstorm and come up with ideas. Other than the Creative Director, an Art Director will generally be the most senior ‘hands-on’ creative for a design project or creative campaign. They will understand branding and also oversee the correct briefing and supervision of the rest of the design team. Often this will be in conjunction with the Studio Manager. There is an interesting description of the role of an Art Director in a web environment here.(http://www.designtalkboard.com/design-articles/graphic-designers.php#web)

Creative Directors

Creative Directors will often have come through the same route as Art Directors. But, more and more they are coming in from a marketing background and certainly this would be beneficial in a corporate design environment. Often, this would not be a ‘hands-on’ design position. Or rather, there are few Creative Directors that would sit down in front of a Macintosh and bash out concepts in Illustrator or QuarkXpress on a daily basis. although there are certainly some that do. Creative Directors will be concerned with the higher level issues of branding and marketing and would have a lot more direct contact with the client.(http://www.designtalkboard.com/design-articles/graphic-designers.php#web)

Web Designers

So where do Web Designers fit in with all of this? Once again, this varies from company to company. At one point the term ‘web designer’ meant an HTML developer, or JavaScript coder who could use a bit of Photoshop. Currently, certainly amongst many graphic design agencies, web designers tend to have similar titles and roles to their colleagues in the print design industry. Some web designers are expected to be able to code as well, others are required to at least be able to use WYSIWYG web design software, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive. Others are only responsible for creating the concepts in Photoshop, before handing over the graphics to web developers to hand code.(http://www.designtalkboard.com/design-articles/graphic-designers.php#web)



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