Digital Cameras

The first thing you will notice about a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is
that it is larger than any compact consumer camera and putting one in your
pocket is out of the question. The Canon EOS Rebel T5i  or the  Nikon D3300
are examples of good quality affordable Digital Slr cameras.(

When using a Digital Slr camera you can set the camera to the automaticmode and just start taking pictures. However, you also have the option of taking pictures in the full manual mode, Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority, or
program modes.

Another important feature of Digital Slr cameras is that you can change the camera lens to fit different situations.
For instance you can use a fixed focal length 28mm lens for wide angle scenes, then remove that lens and put
on a 200mm fixed focal length telephoto lens to pull the scene in closer. You also have the option to use a
variety of  zoom lenses with different zoom ranges.(

Compact Digital Cameras: Digital compact cameras, which are also known
as Point and Shoot cameras, vary  in features, price, and styles. Their smaller
size and ease of use  is the main appeal of  these types of digital cameras.

Most basic compact cameras will fit in a pocket or small purse. All of the current  
compact cameras have a minimum three time (3X) zoom lens and at least
12 megapixels. With that many megapixels, great looking, quality images can be
enlarged to 16 X 20 inch print size.(

Today’s digital compact cameras are equipped with a fully automatic mode
which is great for beginners or those who just want to “point and shoot” when
taking pictures.(

Bridge Compact Digital Cameras/Super Zoom Cameras: Bridge cameras, also known as Advanced
Compact cameras are a step up from the Basic Compact camera.

The  main difference between Bridge cameras and Basic Compact cameras is
that  they allow the photographer to have more control over the camera’s
exposure  settings. Bridge cameras will have semi automatic, Aperture  Priority,
Shutter priority, and Program modes.

Most will also have a  Manual mode that will allow the photographer  to  have
full control over the camera exposure settings.

Many Bridge cameras also have lenses with a much longer zoom range than
other cameras. For instance, instead of a three to five time zoom lens range,
the zoom  lens range for some Bridge cameras might be as high as forty times (40X).(


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