Graphic Design Resumes

What I like about this graphic designers resume is that it is very simple and straight to the point. By having the Design Skills and Personal Skills showing in blue shows it very clearly and stands out in the resume. By having that main source to look at it and shows that the designers layout of their resume was thought about in simplicity and placement of subjects were placed in order. On the left side, by having the biography, degrees, and education on that side gives it balance. Having the language to the right is a different and great way and shows it very clearly and to point. Having three colors grey, black, and blue gives the resume a professional look.


Your resume design is an opportunity to show potential employers and clients a bit of your personality, both as a person and a designer. It gives the people you want to work with a chance to get a feeling for whether you fit in with their culture and identity. (

sara-catanzariti-color-resume What I like about this resume is the icons on it gives it a visual point and straight to what you want the eye to catch. Having the name on the left and graphic design in the color blue makes it stand out.

a5b249d2c580995e23814149c7a8d9dbWhat I like about this resume is that it is very different giving it a menu layout. Having black and white makes each other stand out and simple.

0017e3802d0554f2265c908b328ff529In this resume I like how he put a picture of him self on the bottom right. The choice of the color on the layout gives it a clean and professional look.

ab97a4f2347e394d351d4f450336f6ddI like how the resume is like a card. the color choice of resume looks professional.

eff36b1f86df5b8a5a825adeba2d1a81 What I like about this graphic designer resume is that it is different by having a picture on the right gives it balance.

35d52443ef036f50c22f675ec8c930dbI like this resume color of choice and the layout of how they put their information and experience.

Unknown What I like about this Graphic Designer Resume is the choice of colors and icons. Also by having a slogan to the left gives it a more interesting and catches the mind.

imagesnh In this resume I like the font used in their work giving it a professional look. Also the fade in the background from black and dark red gives it depth and contrast.

imagesjki In this resume I like how the designer kept it very visual and highlighted the most important icons. I like how they put a map showing where they have worked.


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