How to create a South Park Character in Illustrator

Open Illustrator then go to “File” and then “New”. Change the measurements to pixels 1000 by 1000 to create a South Park cartoon. In the next few paragraphs I will show you step by step on South Park.

Step 1: First you going to draw an oval drag it down until you get the right size.

Step 2:By going to”View” and “Rulers” you will see the ruler on the top and these guidelines will help you a lot with getting the right measurements on the South Park cartoon.

Step 3:Now by having the  guide lines help you find where to place the eyes. Draw an oval for each eye. Also draw Eric’s mouth with the curve tool and one of his chins in the bottom two center squares.

Step 4:Then draw in two small circles for Eric Cartman’s pupils to . Also draw two downwards curved lines for the bottom of the hat that Eric is wearing.

Step5:Draw a puffy shape for the top of the hat. Draw another one of Eric’s chins with an upwards curved line.

Step 6:Sketch an oval for Eric’s body. Draw a rectangle for the legs. Also draw Eric’s hands which you use the oval tool by holding shift you can get a perfect circle to create his hands.

Step 7:Draw a vertical line in the center of the shirt. Draw three ovals for buttons by using the oval tool and holding the shift to get a perfect circle. Now your going to draw the outlines of the hands shapes.

Step 8: Now draw the outline of the body shape that you drew in step #6.

Step 9: Now draw the lines that turn inwards. Draw the shoes as well by using the curve and straight line tool and join the lines o create the shape of shoes and fill in with color of shoes you would like.

Step 10: Now just erase lines that you don’t need and outline the correct lines with a black pen or marker.  Now you will have an amazing cartoon drawing of Eric Cartman from South Park to show to your friends.


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