Design Strategies

How do people recognize good web design?

There is a big difference between good and bad design. Many people can identify a good design, but they don’t know what makes them different from eachother.The majority of the people are not looking at a website and thinking: That oh wow this website has matching serif and san serif and nice use of space. Negative. Only designers think like that.

In most cases people just feel like there is something catchy or good about it. It could be that eyecatching font or maybe the vibrant color and contrast, but they never actually know for sure as the artist knows since created by him or she. There is something more to good design than making it just look right.Because you can design your website according to all the major design rules with all the precise fonts and colors but people may still not like it.

Good design is not just how a website looks,it’s how it works.There is no such simple code base or recipe for a good design. You can’t program it, or generate it. In order to create a web design that connects to audience. We first need to reach new levels of interaction with audience.

You can improve user experience on your site by basically solving common problems that would otherwise take your visitors time to figure out.The most common problems that visitors find on poorly designed websites. All elements that need to be together with the visitor of web page should be clearly visible or stand out in some kind of way to grab attention. Links and buttons should at least be marked in a different color than the rest of the body content.

To give contrast and make what you really want to stand out in your web page.Visitors will feel lost on your website when your design layout is not consistent and colors also fonts are not flowing right. When people don’t know where to go, they’ll always find the exit botton and dont become engaged in you website.You can’t move the navigation or change the layout too often between pages. You should use common patterns throughout the entire website so your visitors can learn your website’s interface.Consistency is one of the most important aspects of a well-designed website.


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