Drip Marketing

Drip marketing can be used as a function of the lead generation and qualification process.  Drip marketing constitutes an automated follow-up method that can replace personal lead follow-up.Often called auto responders, new leads are automatically enrolled into a drip marketing campaign with messaging relevant to the call-to-action from which the lead came. This is also known as lead nurturing.Advantages include the automation and efficiency, as well as the continued ability for direct response.

The continued messaging is relevant to the contents that the shopper stopped short of purchasing, and continue to include direct response actions.Disadvantages include the impersonal manner of follow-up. If not augmented with a traditional and personal follow-up method, this automated follow-up has a lower response rate than does personal sales. The lowered response rate is often justified by the volume and efficiency with which leads can be generated and converted.

Drip marketing is popularly applied as a sales tool, particularly in long sales-cycles (large ticket items or enterprise-level sales). Whereas persistent follow-up can become a deterrent to closing the sale, Drip Marketing methods offer the ability to remain top-of-mind, and even prompt action, without jeopardizing the relationship.A typical drip marketing campaign is a sequence of email messages sent via marketing automation software to a set of contacts according to their preferences, needs, or interests. These campaigns may include branching or triggers that will change the course of communications based on the engagement or response of the user.(https://www.oracle.com/marketingcloud/resources/drip-marketing.html)

The key is to use targeting and segmentation and leverage prospect Digital Body Language  to ensure that communications are personalized. You may have a perfect set of email messages for consumer buyers, but what about your business prospects? The two segments have very different goals and needs and should have separate paths in your drip marketing campaign. If you were to send both of these audiences the same set of messages, you could expect lower open, click through, and conversion rates.

All of the content marketing rules for designing and sending effective emails also apply to drip marketing – but the most important rule is to keep communications simple and engaging. To get started with basic lead nurturing, survey the content on your website and blog, and repackage it into pieces that prospects can consume quickly and easily. Also, speak with your most productive salespeople and take a look at the emails they send to prospects – you might find some valuable drip marketing content there.(https://www.oracle.com/marketingcloud/resources/drip-marketing.html)


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