Multimedia Content Expert/Writers

Multimedia specialists design and create information technology based multimedia products such as websites, DVDs, and computer games that combine text with sounds, pictures, graphics, video-clips, virtual reality and digital animation.

Key responsibilities of the job include:

  • meeting and liaising with clients to discuss briefs/requirements and/or project progress
  • making technical recommendations
  • producing, demonstrating and receiving feedback about ideas
  • creating multimedia designs in liaison with animators, programmers, writers, video producers, sound engineers and artists
  • developing and using skills and expertise in appropriate design packages such as Photoshop, In Design and After Effects
  • keeping up-to-date with technological and software developments
  • testing products for errors and making amendments

There can be some pressure to meet deadlines, when extra hours may be required. Promotional prospects are excellent for employees willing to change job regularly and to move into managerial positions.(

Three to five years of editorial, copywriting, and digital content creation experience; agency, creative environment or editorial experience is preferred. • BS or BA in Marketing, Creative Writing, English, Journalism, Broadcast, Communications, or related field. • Solid creative writing and communication skills. • As much a visionary as you are a practitioner. • Ability to adapt an evolving voice for established brands and effectively write using multiple voices to reach identified audiences, with a deep appreciation for the nuances in brand authenticity and voice. • Intimate understanding of the digital and content marketing landscape. • Comfortable presenting work to and interacting with clients. • Ability to work quickly and independently, but also as part of a team. • Strong desire to learn, try new things, and problem solve.(

First and foremost, writers have a responsibility to write.  They have a talent, a skill, and they should use that skill.  The only way to be a writer, after all, is to write. Think of how what you’ve read has deeply affected you and what would have happened had that author not written whatever it is? Your words may have the same effect, and therefore you have a responsibility to your readers.

Writing for money isn’t bad.  In that case, we need to put our own needs and agendas aside and consider those of the people we represent above all else.  There are many writers who consider this their highest calling ~ to represent an organization and change the world.(


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