Multimedia Production/Creative Director

Multimedia Production Manager is responsible for all creative operations for a specific group of accounts to include staff supervision and work production. Directs the activities of subordinates to maintain the agency’s standards of creative excellence, timeliness, and profitability, while achieving the clients’ goals. Resolves functional conflicts through consultation with regional function heads.


• Insures the timely development and execution of plan, campaigns, and projects to assure earnings, growth, and profit goals are achieved.

• Plans, develops, and defends budget recommendations, work goals, measurements, and training requirements necessary to provide both profitable and quality service to clients.

• Provides detailed information and cost estimates to assure accurate data on which to plan and develop functional objectives and budgets leading to stable and profitable accounts.

• Supports other regional directors as requested and as resources permit.

• Provides leadership/motivation and conveys the vision and values of the agency to staff.

• Cooperates with the local account service directors to resolve differences which may lead to discord in the office.

• Oversees creative consultations with account teams to assure appropriate creative strategies, adequacy/accuracy of input, schedules, budgets, production support, necessary reviews, and client presentations.

Creative Directors hail from all backgrounds, with degrees in art, graphic design, marketing, communications, journalism and other fields. However, more important than a degree is a foundation of hands-on, applicable experience.(

Media production managers work behind the scenes in film, television, radio and video. They play a key role in program production by organizing schedules, budgets and people. Production managers are involved at each stage of a program, from initial planning, estimating and scheduling, through filming or recording, and on to final budget and production reports.

Production managers come from a variety of backgrounds in the media industry. Some have worked as floor managers in a film or television studio, or as location managers on outdoor shoots. Some have a background as script supervisors or production assistants. Those with accounting qualifications may have worked as production accountants. Wide-ranging experience is essential as production managers have to understand practical requirements and costs so they can develop realistic schedules and budgets.

During production, they provide the producer and director with daily schedules that detail all aspects of each day’s filming or recording. They ensure that production remains on schedule and make any changes due to unforeseen circumstances, such as illness of a presenter or weather problems on outdoor shoots. They also check that production complies with copyright laws and any union agreements.(



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