Batch Process

Batch Processing a series of programs on a computer without manual intervention.               Strictly speaking, it is a processing mode: the execution of a series of programs each             on a set or batch of inputs, rather than a single input.

Batch processing has some advantages:

  • It can shift the time of job processing to when the computing resources are less busy.
  • It avoids idling the computing resources with minute-by-minute manual intervention and supervision.
  • By keeping high overall rate of utilization, it amortizes the computer, especially an expensive one.
  • It allows the system to use different priorities for interactive and non-interactive work.
  • Rather than running one program multiple times to process one transaction each time, batch processes will run the program only once for many transactions, reducing system overhead.
  • As you develop your movie project in iMovie, you’ll find that you need more control over the clips in the movie timeline. iMovie has advanced editing tools that enable you to precisely control the duration and orientation of the clip and to correct problems with the recorded video. You can quickly delete or rotate clips in the timeline and split a movie clip into two clips. iMovie can also correct shaky or blurry video caused by the camera being moved too quickly when recording the video.

    Trimming Movie Clips

    When you adjust the starting and ending frames of the movie clips in the timeline, you are trimming a clip. iMovie lets you zero in on a frame-by-frame view of your video so that you can precisely set your starting and ending frames for each clip in the movie timeline.

    When you select a clip in the timeline, iMovie displays a skimmer and a playhead for previewing and playing the video. Use the skimmer to preview your clips frame-by-frame, and then set the exact starting and ending frames for your clip and trim the clip. iMovie has a few different ways to trim a clip. One way is to trim the clip directly in the movie timeline.

iMovie also has the Precision Editor for making frame-by-frame edits to a clip to set             a precise duration of the video for the clip. It is similar to the Clip Trimmer as it lets               you fine-tune the starting and ending frames of your movie but with even more                     precision as you can overlap the outgoing clip with the incoming clip for a nice                         transition between clips. It also lets you adjust the starting and ending frames of a                 transition between clips.(                       p=2191412)


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